Faculty :

A well-experienced, dedicated teaching faculty is serving of Mother Teresa Centre (list enclosed) under the leadership of a principal Madam having more than 35 years of ample experience.

Office :

The office functions under the responsibility of a Co-ordinator who has more than 15 years of experience in the field of student affairs and office keeping. Works are computerized.

Library :

Nearly 1000 books and journals are available Copies of books are available for the students who are not able to purchase books.

Practical :

A complete female mannequin, skeleton, bone sets materials for all nursing procedures are available. Students are thought to deliver lectures and regular work, chart making etc are being done.

Hospital internship :

The nursing students are posted in fifteen different hospitals and special school for mentally retarded children, physically challenged, hearing and speech impaired and Visually handicapped schools for internship and clinical experience. The number of hospital are going to be increased to thirty from this academic years 2005.

Classes :

An academic year calendar and a time- table to cover whole syllabi is prepared. Classes start at 9.00 am and closes at 5.00 pm. Audiovisual materials are available.

Bus pass :

Students are eligible for 1/3 concession pass.

Visit :

Community health in a village/ Aavin / Kochadai pumping station / corporation slaughter house/ waste water management plant/ veterinary hospitals / TB centres.

Computer Education :

Medical oriented computer basics a re thought by a Retied English Professor.

Spoken English :

Special attention is given for spoken English and is taught by a Retied English Professor.

Hostel :

a well-furnished hostel with hygienic food is available for the students from remote area of a very reasonable cost.

We regularly conduct seminars on personality Development Communication Skills and time Management

Workshops on various medical topics, communicable disease and AIDS are being conduced.

We all the aware that before we start our daily routine we seek God's guidance & blessing in what ever we do, or propose to do etc., With this good idea in our mind, and to inculcate this habit, daily devotion of general nature is conducted form 9.00am to 9.30 am

All students of this Institution wear different uniform when they attend classes to denote different courses of study

Whenever private hospitals and Institutions Like Aravind Eye Hospital, Grace Peter Trust, YMCA, Besky Trust etc. conduct free medical camps, our students join the group and work with their staff and continue to get experience in various fields of medical treatment.

Our Students are conducting AIDS Awareness Programs through Folk Songs, Skits and Dramas sponsored by NGO's

This Institution in marching on with high expectations, we hope and believe that qualified Paramedical staff will be having good employment opportunities. We hope, the girl students from rural areas are highly benefited by these paramedical courses. We feel happy to be wish to be associated with the Paramedical Programs of Bharat Sevak Samaj (B.S.S)